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Developers’ Note 4.28 (Battlefield Performance Adjustments)

04-27-2017 23:18

This week we have raised the General level cap to 60, added 3 new adjutants, and brought May Day events to the game which we hope you will enjoy. In the following development plan, we will be adjusting battlefield performance to bring it closer to how units and formations would behave in real life. Related optimizations concerning soldiers’ movement and collision models will be performed in the future.


The Army of Soldiers

Each unit has a corresponding concept of an army, and their fighting and movement will be conducted with this conceptual in mind. The single AI logic still exists on the soldiers, but they will tend to execute commands as a whole army. For example, where before players could lead the unit in a loose straight line, after the adjustment the unit is prone to move within a certain range and moves as a whole. In general, the unit’s behavior retains the characters of single AIs while maintaining the integrity of an army.


Changes in Collision Models

In previous battles, the soldiers would stick together when engaged in tangled warfare. We hope to change this situation by directly modifying the collision size, however as this can cause a chain reaction with formations, horses, relations between players, and more, we are handling this with extra discretion. The collision distance of AIs between the two sides will be increased and the movement collision of soldiers will also be optimized. Longer distances will ensure the soldiers will not stick together in a tangled fight, thus behaving more realistically than before. For instance, when the player switches into Testudo Formation, enemy soldiers will not be able to squeeze into their own unit.


These are just parts of the adjustments being made to battlefield performance, and more will be coming in the future. We will also continue to work on optimization and network trouble shooting. As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions regarding any of the above.