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Developers’ Note 5.19 - Empire Control: A Game of Strategy

05-18-2017 23:03

As a melee war game, Tiger Knight has always aimed to recreate the global warfare of ancient times. These battles should be a strategic game between different factions and a contest of tactics on a single battlefield. This is the gameplay we present in Tiger Knight, which we continue to refine and improve.

Recently, we began organizing the Empire Control forum event, a hypothetical territory control expansion of the Tiger Knight gameplay, and Legions had fun planning and scheming their way to victory. Our next goal is to incorporate a more fully formed version of Empire Control to the game itself, and this developers’ note will brief you about its content and rules.



The Principles in Designing Empire Control

Engaging all players in this new game mode has been the basic principle when designing Empire Control. We hope to entice not only the powerful legions, but also random players to join in this brand new gameplay mode. Therefore, we designed the ancient world territory map so that all players can move on it, and have an effect on the trend of the global battlefield.

Famous Forces in Ancient Times

The map of Three Kingdoms Period of China will be added to this mode first, providing 8 forces for players to choose from: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Ce, Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan, Ma Teng, Liu Biao and Liu Zhang. After completing the rest of the units, we will include other famous forces such as the Roman Empire from the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Players from legions can build around the city they captured and expand their forces from there. Random players can choose to rely on the main city of their chosen force.



Core gameplay of Empire Control

In-game Empire Control will focus on two parts: construction and battle. On one hand, the leader of a city can assign tasks for the players of his force to construct and maintain a city. On the other hand, players from different forces can fight battles at a certain time in the form of Conquest or Siege mode. The battles will be carried out between forces, so legions within the same force must work together to survive. Only the most powerful force can expand its territory, and the world may be united by one single powerful force.


As we continue development, we will add more elements to Empire Control legion wars and force wars, making combat more fun and engaging. Further details relating to Empire Control will be rolled out in the coming developers’ notes, please stay tuned!