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Developers’ Note 7.28 – Female Generals Update

07-28-2017 15:31

A few weeks back, we provided details of the ongoing female general’s progress, and today we’d like to bring you up to date with where development currently stands. Right now, work on female generals for Wei, Shu, and Wu has been completed. These are currently undergoing testing on the Chinese version of Tiger Knight, and we are pleased with the feedback we have received so far. 

As for the Steam version, development continues for female generals on the Roman faction. We want to ensure that all factions receive a suitable level of care and attention, and once work has been completed we look forward to releasing the content on Steam.


In the meantime, we know that waiting can be tough! To help with that, please check out these work-in-progress screenshots. We appreciate the patience you have shown up to this point, and we ask that you hold tight a little longer as we work to complete this new addition to Tiger Knight!