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Update Announcement (0.1.87)

07-18-2017 16:21

Dear gamers,

In order to update Tiger Knight to version 0.1.87, we will be bringing our servers down for maintenance on 19th July 2017.

Servers will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours, with the exact times as follows:

Asia server:2017/7/19 15:00-20:00(GMT+8)

EU server:2017/7/19 08:00-13:00(BST)

NA server:2017/7/19 00:00 - 05:00(PDT)

If it fails to update normally please close Steam and login again.

Please note that videos saved before this update will not be playable on the updated client.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


The frontend will be updated into 3D version:

During the Tiger Knight’s development process, we have been trying to vividly restore the atmosphere of the ancient battlefield. Whether the overall battle or the frontend interface, we hope that players can have a better experience and sense of substitution.

We spent a lot of efforts building high quality models and showing map details in battle scenes. The interface of frontend in the game was in a 2D background, relatively simple. So, it is time to start optimizing the background of the frontend, our plan is to change the current relatively monotonous 2D background to a more realistic 3D scene, so the character showcase can be more integrated.

The debut of 3D frontend interface may not look perfect as it is right now, but we will continue the improvement, hoping to give you a refreshing feeling.

Open UDP for connecting to the server:

Players can choose UDP connection option in the settings, and through the UDP protocol to connect the server for the game, in most cases, UDP can help keep the smooth running of the game when package lost.

New avatar function:

You can freely choose your favorite avatar in the lobby, and  have it by unlocking the achievements; unlocking the troops; buying the adjutant and direct purchase, etc.


Purchase Event

From July 26th to Aug 29th, players purchasing any DLC or charging any amount of money will get the intermediate level gear ‘Gaul Bloody Shield’, 2 Soldier Seals-B, and a Thunder Silver Chest. The gifts will be sent to the in-game box.



Ranged cavalry now has a larger free attack range.

The overall movement speed of light cavalry has been increased by 5%.

The aggression of soldiers and general’s guards has been increased.


The performance of cavalry when colliding with teammates and enemies has been optimized.

The performance and content of adjutant’s shouting on the battlefield has been improved.

Add options for the scene quality in settings menu.

Adjust the material and weight of Qin Armor.

The overall movement speed of light cavalry (the flag of troops) has been increased.

The chance of weapons rebounding when doing damage (pierce, crush, and chop) on corresponding material (leather, cloth and iron) is lowered by 10%. The defense effect provided by armors against related weapons is increased by 10%.

Bugs Fixed

The Following Collision skill gave an extra speed buff to the general exceeding his skill buff.

The stats couldn’t increase after the general took a stronghold.

The score went wrong after occupying the strongholds more than one time.  

The appearance of Dragon banner crossbow was incorrect.

The sheath model of Gaul Bloody Sword scabbard was incorrect.

The stamina recovery icon on the battlefield was incorrect.

The recruitment site on Border Conflict was in the wrong place.

The exploit of Tactics Master was not effective.

The video playback could cause crash of the game.

The aggression of soldiers appeared down in Play VS. AI mode.

The length of Petal Guard Dabacksword was incorrect.

The detailed icon for taking damage may disappear.

The appearance of Huang Gai and Cao Ren was incorrect.

The ranged troops may continue to attack without target.

The troops will attack enemy out of detectable range in F3 attack mode.

The position of F1 defense will change after using Following Collision skill.

The speed of horse went wrong after upgrading the final skill of troops.

There was a difference in weight attributes when shifting melee/ranged mode of javelin.

The Tiger Knight Team