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Update Announcement (0.1.92)

09-25-2017 19:05

Dear gamers,

In order to update Tiger Knight to version 0.1.92, we will be bringing our servers down for maintenance on 26th September 2017.

Servers will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours, with the exact times as follows:

Asia server:2017/9/26 15:00-20:00(GMT+8)

NA server:2017/9/26 00:00 - 05:00(PDT)

EU server:2017/9/26 08:00-13:00(BST)

After the update, client version will be updated from 0.1.89 to 0.1.92, please enter the game after updating the client.

If it fails to update normally please close Steam and login again.

Please note that videos saved before this update will not be playable on the updated client. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


New fashion: Jiangdong Golden Ghost Mask

The Jiangdong Golden Ghost Mask is made from bronze, but gilded and engraved with golden flame-shaped patterns. Looking like an evil spirit with a horrible face, it elicits feelings of terror and discomfort. During battle, the mask not only serves to protect the wearer’s face, but also strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

New supply chest: Dragon Gold Chest, 20% discount, daily purchase limited to 10.

New Map: Long Xi (Xi Liang)

Longxi province is located in Liangzhou, upstream on the Wei River and part of the border area of the Han Dynasty. As an important Silk Road hub, a battlefront against the West Qiang, and a barrier for defending the Guanzhong area - Longxi province has always been an area of great military significance. However as the Han Dynasty became weaker, Qiang chaos spread all over the Liangzhou area. Blood flowed throughout the land and the population dropped quickly. So it was that the once prosperous Longxi province became buried under smoke and weeds.

New Map: Roman Barracks

The Roman Barracks, also known as Castra, is a military position established by the ancient Roman people in order to garrison soldiers while also storing equipment and other supplies. There are strong defensive fortifications outside the barracks, with soldiers’ quarters, warehouses, hospitals and other facilities located inside. Many well-known towns and cities across Europe and the Mediterranean coast developed from the basis of Roman barracks at that time.

New Special Troops - Xi Liang Brave Soldiers (available for purchase through "Lobby" - "Upgrade" - "Special")

Xi Liang is located on the Han border. Thanks to the frequent fighting and wars that have erupted in this region, the people there are brave and skilled in combat. Xi Liang Brave Soldiers are the best among the Xi Liang soldiers. They are well-equipped, well trained, serving as the general’s guard during peacetime and the vanguard when in battle. They were one of the most elite troops during the end of the Han Dynasty.

New Female Adjutant - Da Qiao

Born in Wan County, Lujiang province, Da Qiao was prominent in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. She was Qiao Gong’s daughter, and sister of Xiao Qiao, famous for her beauty. During the fourth year of Jian’an, Wan County was attacked and claimed by Sun Ce. Da Qiao was taken and married to Sun Ce, but her deeds beyond this point are unknown.

New Items Added to Supply Chests:

Basic: Bronze Short Sword; LiangZhou Light Shield

Intermediate: Suns’ Sword; XiYu Wide Bow

Advanced: Thunder Axe; Carved Long Jin Shu

Helmet: Red Sima Guan

Arrow: Red Armor Piercing Arrow

Fashion: Gaul Helmet; Brown Silk Cloak with Flame-Shaped Pattern; Bear Cloak

Props: PVE Seal

Exclusive VIP Lobby

VIP accounts logging into the game will automatically switch to an exclusive VIP lobby.


Mid-Autumn Festival Themed Activities

Newly added Mid-Autumn Festival themed activities: Mid-Autumn Moon, United by Moonlight.

National Day Themed Activities

New added National Day themed activities: Diplomatic envoys from a thousand nations coming to thank the emperor, celebrate the motherland, and defend the country. Achieve the glory of freedom and victory!

First Recharge Reward:

From October 1st to October 31st , recharge any amount to receive: Intermediate Helmet – Vanguard Helmet; Solider Seal – B x2; Thunder Sliver Chest x1. The gift will be sent to the mailbox.

Accumulated Spend Activities:

Activity time: 00:00 October 1st – 23:59 October 7th 

During the event, once a player’s total spend reaches a certain amount they will be richly rewarded.

Time-limited profit activities: The profit gained from battle will be increased by 50%

Activity time:

Monday to Friday: 19:00 – 22:00

Saturday to Sunday: 19:00 – 23:00


Changes to PVE Mode

1)We will be adding a new item – the PVE Seal. Players can obtain this through supply chests or at random after completing a PVE game.

2)Luoyang Palace Seal

After using the Luoyang Palace Seal, a Luoyang Palace room will be created. Here, profit will be increased by 100%, damage will be increased by 50%, and there will be one more lucky draw for ranks above D. Friends can be invited, and no limitation on unit types exist.

3)Hulao Pass Seal

After using the Hulao Pass Seal, a Hulao Pass room will be created. Here, profit will be increased by 100%, damage will be increased by 50%, and there will be one more lucky draw for ranks above D. Friends can be invited, and no limitation on unit types exist.

4)The overall gains from PVE mode will be reduced by 30%

Resource Point 

The solider supply point in the base camp will be replaced by a resource point.

Neutral resource points can be occupied,

Resource points have the following functions:

1)In the resource point area, players and their troops can automatically restore HP.

2)It will automatically supplement the loss of soldiers, with the supplementary cap being the max number that player can carry.

3)After an ally dies, the supplementary cap will be increased.


1)Remove Siege Mode from command mode.

2)Time – limited battlefield – Siege Mode has been changed to: 6V6, available time:  19:00-22:00

3)The occupation of strongholds in Command Mode (Conquest/Siege) has been changed to regional occupation.

4)The initial ammunition for Catapults in Command Mode (Conquest/Siege) has been reduced, while the amount of ammunition gained from actions on battlefield has been increased.

5)When using catapult, bird’s eye view can be canceled by clicking right mouse button.

6)In Command Mode (Conquest/Siege) players can distinguish between attacking side or defensive side when selecting troops.

7)Improved the performance of stronghold regional occupation.


1)Add crawling while character is in a downed state, thus allowing the player to move to a safe place.

2)If character has not been executed or rescued while in a downed state, he can rise again with 10% HP after 30 seconds.

3)The hot key for suicide has been changed to F.

4)The performance of low level weapons has been optimized. For single attacks: Speed is increased and damage is reduced. For combo attacks: Damage is increased while speed is reduced. Turn speed is also increased.

5)When using low level weapons, they will not have an extra probability of missing.

6)Character’s movement and acceleration is adjusted, making it more flexible.

7)Forward movement speed will be decreased by 15% when players raise their hands, while backward movement will be increased by 10%.

8)Executions will be stopped when the horse takes damage.

9)After failing to use horse flute successfully, there will be a 30 second cooldown.

10)Improve the ‘hitting’ performance on the battlefield.

11)Decrease time for staggering; falling to the ground; and rolling.

12)When a character’s body has been blocked by scenery or an object, a contour will show instead to allow for easy identification.


Some adjutants can provide a rescue on the battlefield. Adjutants with this skill will revive a downed general who is within range.

1)Bo Cai: Line formation has been changed to Battlefield Rescue. And his Square formation has been changed into Triple Line formation.

2)Cao Chun: Crash skill has been changed into Battlefield Rescue.

3)Chen Dao: Faithful Guard skill has been changed into Battlefield Rescue.

4)Huang Zhong: Iron Will skill has been changed into Battlefield Rescue.

5)Huang Gai: Triple Line formation has been changed into Battlefield Rescue.


1)Long-range soldiers will avoid their own troops when attacking.

2)Reduced the damage caused by Pike Wall and Brutal Swing against generals.

3)Temporarily removed the ground circle performance of charging throw skill and charge skill.

4)When soldiers have not been detected, the number of current soldiers cannot be viewed.

5)Soldiers’ action will be smoother when performing Pike-Shield Array skill and Pike Wall skill.

6)Optimized the performance of cavalry’s turn movement.

7)Special troops can increase the copper income by 5% for all allied players.

8)Add Morale Outburst skill for special troops.

9)Additional bonus of special troops has been increased by 10%.

10)The stamina cost of Fearless Vanguards has been adjusted: reduce stamina consumption of Pike-Shield Array skill from 50 to 35, reduce stamina consumption of Crossbow Shield Array skill from 50 to 45.

11)Add Pike Wall skill for Zhongyuan Militia.

12)Add charge skill for Xuzhou Militia.

13)Add Brutal Swing skill for Jiangdong Militia.

14)Duration of Danyang Green Turbans’ Brutal Swing skill has been increased from 16 seconds to 20 seconds.

15)Duration of Wu Fearless Squad’s Brutal Swing skill has been increased from 18 seconds to 23 seconds.

16)Soldier weight increased by 20% when releasing Pike-Shield Array skill.

17)Increased free attack range of Bow cavalry; Crossbow cavalry; and infantry with two-handed weapons.

18)The cooldown of Pike-Shield Array skill has been increased by 20%, and duration has been increased by 20% - 30%.

19)Add Catapult Attack skill for Garrison Spears; Jingzhou Civil Corps; and Wu Craft Battalion.

20)Jingzhou Heavy Infantry: Melee attack damage reduced by 10%.

21)Shu Royal Crossbow Cavalry: Ammunition reduced by 10%.

22)Xuzhou Heavy Infantry: Probability of attack increased by 20%.

23)Shu Armored Crossbowmen: Protection capability and output capability increased by 5%.

24)Shu Royal Vanguard: Protection capability and output capability increased by 5%.

25)Wu Fearless Squad: Remote defense capability increased by 15%, Parry attack capability increased by 20%.

26)Wu Advanced Archer: Longbow Volley distance reduced by 10%.

27)Shu Crossbow Infantry: Range increased by 12%.

28)The charge skill will not allow soldiers to break through defensive skills like Shield Wall skill or Pike-Shield Array.

29)The longest duration of Arrow defense shields and Cheval-de-frise is adjusted to 10 minutes.

Other adjustments:

1)Fashions produce extra profit.

Fashions for character: Prestige increased by 5%.

Steed accessory: Exploit increased by 5%.

2)When logging in to the game, resources are adjusted to load step by step, and the lobby will be shown before loading is complete.

3)Added quality options for main lobby. Players can choose different quality levels according to their computer configuration.

4)Added battlefield border options which can be modified in the settings.

5)Network acceleration became a default setting; you can switch in the settings.

6)Cancel the NVidia effect enhanced settings.

7)Multiple time-limited items of the same type can now be merged, taking the total time of all items.

8)After receiving the BUFF from a medical point, the HP recovery limitation has been adjusted to 30HP/s.

9)Added two attack directions for Iron Shovel.

10)Bots have been adjusted to be able to use skills and formations.

11)Improved fabric effect of Dragon banner crossbow.

12)Opened the ranking list in the game.

13)The first time a player enters a custom room, the list will automatically refresh.

14)Custom room passwords are replaced with *.

15)Optimized the experience after the tutorial guide.

16)Added kicking function for the owner of PVE seal room.

17)Can now distinguish between a Play VS .AI victory and PVP victory on the ranking list.

18)Add new conditions of post-war settlement.

Unable to Revive: The player in the defeated side has the highest score.

Iron Wall: The most effective blocking of soldiers.

Almighty Troop: The most excellent troops on the list, performing well above normal.

Bugs Fixed

1)Fixed a bug where soldiers with short weapons were occasionally unable to attack the enemy.

2)Fixed an occasional lobby crash.

3)Fixed career data anomalies appearing to a small number of players.

4)Fixed Miracle medal’s bug appearing to a small number of players.

5)Fixed charge occasionally stopping in the Duel Mode.

6)Fixed light effect bug with supply chests.

7)Fixed the incomplete career performance bug when switching interface.

8)Fixed abnormal horse speed in Archery training settlement.

9)Fixed bug that caused numbers of MVPs in ranking list does not match with career.

10)Fixed bug that caused duel mode damage data in ranking list to differ with career data.

11)Fixed the incorrect data when viewing other player’s career.

12)Fixed the bug that caused low level soldiers to appear in high level battlefield.

13)Fixed occasional bug resulting in players being unable to attack the enemy.

14)Fixed occasional crash and connection loss.

15)Fixed incorrect falling after character has been rescued or executed on an uneven surface.

16)Fixed incorrect use of Parrying Weapon.

17)Fixed the incorrect effect of archery training upgrade.

18)Fixed a bug after set “B” as hot key.