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Developers’ Note 7.14- The influence of terrain factors

07-14-2017 17:14

In our last Dev Note we addressed the new design of strongholds on the battlefield. We are very pleased to see that’s what you guys are looking forward to. The details of new strongholds design are WIP, we will seriously refer to the recommendations made by everyone, and we will make sure the updates get released soon. In this week’s Dev Note we will continue to reveal another important content to the battlefield- terrain influence.

From the beginning of the development of Tiger Knight, we are determined to create a war game which reenacts the ancient world battlefield. We dig into the documents to have a better perception of the history, and strive to balance the authenticity and gameplay. For now, we have completed the production of a variety of battlefields with different terrains; however, the influence of the terrain on the battlefield is not meticulous enough. So in the further battlefield adjustments, we will work on them with pertinence.

We think that the influence of terrain on the battlefield should be an important factor in determining the war situation. Such as the ambush, the influence of terrain should be intuitive, when others ambush in the bushes or behind the buildings, they could not be seen by others no matter in sight or in map. So in this way, the battlefield becomes more thrilling and stimulating.

Besides, the influence of terrain on the speed of soldiers and combat effectiveness should also be vividly reflected. Such as in the grass and the river, cavalry will be weakened, and when you are in the forest, the enemy's archers and other long-range attackers will not hit you easily due to sight problems. The above is just an example of the initial idea; many other terrain influences setting like this will be formally reflected in the future version.

In the follow-up development work of Tiger Knight, we will continue to make the battlefield more real and interesting. Thank you as always supporting us. At last we also, as always, send a picture of the female character on battlefield, wishing you a happy weekend!