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Developers’Note 9.1 – Update Preview

09-01-2017 15:32

Greetings Tiger Knights! 

Before getting started, we owe you all an apology. As mentioned in the forums, we have recently launched a non-Steam version of Tiger Knight in China. This launch required more attention than we first realized, and resulted in less updates on Steam during this period. However, we’re pleased to say that big updates for the Steam version are incoming – with many new features and gameplay changes that we hope you will enjoy. Today we want to talk about some of these in more detail.

1.Crawling and Reviving

We will be switching up the gameplay mechanic used for players in a downed state. Rather than becoming immobile, players will now be able to crawl along the ground. This will open up the possibility of escaping a dangerous area or reaching cover. Players who survive for 30 seconds in this state will be able to rise up once again and rejoin the battle, but with just a sliver of health remaining.

As a result of this new mechanic, players will need to rely more on their teammates or soldiers to protect them while they attempt to reach cover, and this gives rise to new and interesting gameplay.

2.Adjutant Medics

Overzealous generals can often find themselves in sticky situations on the battlefield, losing health and far from their teammates. We plan to increase the effectiveness of some adjutants by allowing them to revive a downed general who is within range. These adjutants include fan favorites Bo Cai and Huang Gai, and we hope that players will now be more inclined to pay attention to their location while also protecting them on the battlefield in order to benefit from their usefulness at a critical point in the fight.

3.Balance Adjustments

Following the increased soldier damage in a previous update, many players have pointed out the terrifying ability of units such as the Zhongyuan Heavy Pikeman and Wu infantry. With this in mind, we will be reducing the damage caused by Pike Wall and Brutal Swing against generals. We will also be adjusting other aspects to ensure the balance of these units, increasing the duration of Brutal Swing as well as the weight of Spearmen to help them better withstand cavalry charges. We will also be strengthening shielded soldiers and light cavalry as we look to improve balance in all areas of the battlefield.

4.Changes to PVE Mode

The changes made to PvE Epic War mode will be some of the biggest to appear in this update. To begin with, overall gains from PvE mode will be reduced. While this may cause some concern among players, we have also been reducing the requirements for troop line unlocks and so we hope the impact will not be severe. Instead, we will be adding a new item – the PvE Seal – which players can obtain through supply chests or at random after completing a PvE game. The PvE Seal will allow players to create a special room where higher rewards are offered, friends can be invited, and no limitation on unit types exist.

5.Update to Combat

In the next updated version of Tiger Knight, some changes to combat will be introduced. Our goal was to improve the overall striking/hitting sensation, taking into account characters raising their hand, pulling back, and then accelerating forwards to land the attack. This process is difficult to universally fine tune and adjust, and everyone will have their own preference as to how it should work. Some players enjoy an arcade feel, while others crave realism in their combat. We will focus more on this area in the future.

When compared with other games of this style, combo attacks have been almost a unique feature of Tiger Knight. We want to improve on the balance of these attacks, and so we will be reducing the speed while increasing the damage output. This change will prevent players from receiving constant damage from fast combos, and increase the chances of a successful block.

We have also given attention to the rhythm of combat. Forward movement speed will be decreased by 15% when players raise their hands, while backward movement will be increased by 10%. The goal is to avoid unnecessary weapon collision, while also giving novice players a chance against skilled opponents with high speed weapons. Players should now pay closer attention to movement and weapon attack timing. However, the most skillful players will also be able to use this timing to their advantage, possibly making them even more powerful!

Everything mentioned here is just a part of our future vision for the battlefield of Tiger Knight. We want to create a fun, balanced and, most of all, exciting combat experience for all of our players. As ever, we’re eager to receive your feedback and comments regarding anything discussed above.