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Developers’Note 9.8 – Territorial Warfare Mode!

09-08-2017 14:49

Greetings Tiger Knights!

In this Developers ’Note we are excited to share some more details about a brand new game mode we have been working on - Territorial Warfare! 

Territorial Warfare Strategy Map

How does it work?

While the core gameplay will be familiar to existing Tiger Knight players, Territorial Warfare is a large addition that mixes things up in a meaningful and exciting way. We cannot explain all of the new functions here, so look out for future updates revealing more about this fun new mode.

Simply put, Territorial Warfare is a sandbox PvP mode with a focus on broader strategic conquest. Players will be able to move freely through the dynamic world, fighting in the name of their chosen force!


Territorial Warfare mode will encourage players to not only overpower their enemies, but to outsmart them too – a game of thrones, if you will! In the initial version, we will focus on battle mechanics and the implementation of various forces. Power can be increased through basic missions such as: logging, quarrying, farming, raiding, trading, and escorting. For example, the range and quality of arms available to a player will depend on a city’s barracks level, so collecting the materials required to upgrade the barracks will be key to success. A title system will be in place for players who can perform certain deeds, and we hope to add more interesting systems of this type as the mode progresses.

Small-Sized Village


In order to take part in Territorial Warfare mode, players will need to ally themselves with one of eight powerful forces from The Three Kingdoms period. These forces are as follows:

1:Yuan Shao of HeBei: a powerful force with the ability to dominate, many of his family members have worked within the ranks of the royal administration.

2: Gong SunZan of Liao Dong: a separatist in You Zhou for a long time, guarding the north and providing resistance against the Wu Heng and other nomads.

3: Sun Ce of Jiang Dong: descendant of loyal Han Dynasty government officials and a powerful lord in Jiang Dong, owning rich land with the Yangtze River as protection. 

4: Liu Biao of Jing Zhou: related to an Emperor of the Han Dynasty, his territory of rich resources once belonged to the Chu in olden times.  

5: Liu Bei of Xu Zhou: Xu Zhou was an important place of great military significance, so the only way to seek hegemony is to steadily grow, and stick to the ideal of reviving the royal house of the Han Dynasty. 

6: Ma Teng of Xi Liang: the powerful cavalry of Xi Liang is famous all over China.

                             Ma Teng Forces Region

7: Liu Zhang of Yi Zhou: related to an Emperor of the Han Dynasty, with vast pools of talented people and easily defensible areas such as Xi Chuan.

8: Cao Cao of Central Plain: a powerful lord of chaos, owning places of great military significance such as Yan Zhou and Qing Zhou, and followed by many talented generals.

                             Cao Cao Forces Region

Regardless of whether you are part of a Legion, or purely a solo player, you can join a force and begin helping them achieve their goals of empire dominance. From our side, we will do our best to provide balance and ensure a healthy and competitive atmosphere.

After joining up with a force, choosing a capital city will be next on the agenda. Particularly for Legions, gaining control of a capital city is an important step. How you take control of a capital city and what characteristics different cities possess will be the focus of our next Dev Note. As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions!