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Developers’ Note 7.21- Q&A for Update this week

07-21-2017 18:57

This Wednesday we have welcomed the long-awaited update for the new version, we have released 3D version of frontend; UDP connection option; new avatar function; new Purchase Event, and also several battlefield adjustments and bug repairs. Many of you showed a strong interest on the new update, and feedback a lot of problems encountered by posting thread after the update, and also made a lot of constructive suggestions for further developing direction of the Tiger Knight, which we are very moved as developers. 

This week’s developers’ note will do the Q&A for the emergence of several questions to answer, Thank you for your continued support!

Q: Cannot get into battle after connecting to UDP?

A: We chose to open the UDP connection function is to optimize the game running and make it smooth, at present, as long as with the support of the UDP protocol, players can use it normally, and can effectively improve the game experience. However, because some countries have set up network restrictions, in that case players cannot join into the battle, we are very sorry about this. And UDP connection can be selected to active/close, so please use it depend on situation of your own.

Q: Does the 3D lobby show only the black background?

A: 3D lobby version is still in the test phase, the main color of the current 3D background is relatively dark, resulting in some players’ lobby is close to the pure black background board in the set of low quality display, and the display does have to be improved. Follow-up we will optimize the 3D lobby, and gradually add more beautiful scene, so stay tuned.

Q: After the update the game lobby becomes less smooth?

A: This is because the new 3D lobby occupied more resources than the previous version of 2D, so the jams will inevitably appear. Optimization has always been our top priority in the development work; we will solve this problem in the follow-up update.

Q: What if the problems like unable to enter the game; no harm in fight; bugs in display comes out?

A: For the series of problems that affect the normal experience of the game after update, we apologize for that. At present these problems have been basically resolved, if there are related problems, please post in the steam community or send email to In order to apologize for the issue caused by this update, we will give the compensation to all servers, please pay attention to the contents of the Compensation Announcement: