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Developers’ Note 7.7- New Strongholds

07-07-2017 15:06

As mentioned last week, female playable generals and an improved 3D lobby are two of the new features coming soon to Tiger Knight. While great care and attention is being devoted to these new additions, we also continue to work on battlefield gameplay and balance adjustments. Today we’d like to provide some further detail on what we have planned in that regard.


Multi-functional Stronghold

To help diversify the battlefield gameplay, we plan to add a new type of stronghold to both sides. This new stronghold will possess the functions of supply, medical, and recruitment sites, and will provide players with an ideal fallback point from which they can recover and regroup.


New Stronghold’s Impact on Gameplay

The addition of this new stronghold is a big change to Tiger Knight gameplay. When a team has lost a few members and finds themselves under pressure, they can still withdraw to this stronghold and reverse the situation. But such a powerful site also has weaknesses - the enemy can attack from the front or rear to claim it for themselves. As a result, entirely new tactics and gameplay may arise as teams try to mount a sneak-attack or defense of this stronghold.


What are your thoughts on the proposed addition of this new stronghold? Please feel free to leave your constructive feedback below. As always, we appreciate your input into the development of Tiger Knight!


Finally, we leave you with a couple more shots of the upcoming female generals. Enjoy!