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The Beginner’s Guide

03-22-2017 04:03

Special thanks to Frozen_Primarch and mahargmot from the steam community whose articles we referred to when creating this guide.

Gameplay basics


When you log into the game, you will be taken to the Start Screen first. If you don’t like the default Background picture, you can click the option on the lower right corner to change it.


If you are logging in for the first time,the game will immediately take you to into the beginner’s tutorial. Please follow the instructions to complete it.


As a beginner,we suggest that you pass the training mission before you start to join in a real battle. Try to get the highest score in the training, as gold is awarded for SS ranks (more on gold later!)

Upgrading your performance to 100% will give you bonus rewards on top of the achievements.

4. Currencies

There are four main currencies, and your current balance can be found at the top left of the interface.

Coppers - This is the basic currency. It's used to buy practically everything. Troops (once unlocked), Weapons, Armor, Bandages, Adjutants, Resupplying your troops after battle. 

Gold - This is the premium currency. You can buy VIP playtime with this. VIP adds a flat 30% increase to all currencies you gain at the end of a match (troop exp, general exp, coppers, etc). It can also be used to buy a decent amount of the marketplace items, or it can be converted. Converting gold into coppers is done at the click of a button, or you can convert troop exp into prestige.

Prestige - Used for buying Adjutants, along with coppers. Alternatively, you can spend prestige just as you would troop exp, but there's no requirement to have even used, or bought the troops. What I mean by this is, basically, once you've gotten everything that you need from a low tier troop, any exp they gain is essentially a waste. 

Exploits - Exploit is basically the game's "PvP currency". You can only acquire this on a regular basis through "Duel" mode. To collect it, click on the Events button at the top of the main page. Now, what can you spend exploits on? Well, when you click on the upgrades button at the top, there's an exploit tab on the next screen. 

5.Game Modes

Tiger Knight features two main gameplay styles: PVP and PVE. PVP includes Conquest,Siege and Duel. As for PVE, there is Epic War and without going into detail just push the left flank to open the gate. As you progress the levels (easy, normal, hard) the epic war lasts longer and there is more to do.

Conquest is open ground 6v6, with three points, and your objective is to kill all enemy generals or kill the enemy marshall. The enemy marshalls HP decreases as you conquer camps.

Siege requires attackers to kill the defenders' marshall. They can go through the back and go straight to him, or break through all three gates giving them more time and lowering the marshalls HP. 

Duel is simple, short 15 minute games both teams trying to get 80 kills. No troops, try to stick with friends.

6. Equipment


Cloth is good against crushing, like hammers.-BEIGE COLOUR

Leather is good against piercing, like spears. -BROWN COLOUR

Metal is good against slashing, like swords. -BLUE COLOUR

The armor has specific coverage for your body, these are shown to the right of the statistics. Choose carefully.


As for weapons, focus on the numbers saying damage and the green bit to the right, showing where it’s most effective. Also, shields have HP, so be aware that they can break.


Click on the Barracks button to see your available troops. EXP is gained through battling, and can be used to get to the next level of troops, and the upgrades within their respective trees. Formations give pros and cons to the stats to things like attack, defense, speed, and line of sight. As for weaknesses, it goes like this -

Spearmen beat cavalry;

Light infantry beat spearmen;

Cavalry beat light infantry.


Make sure you purchase an Adjutant that works with your army. For example Wang Shuang is great for cavalry due to his formations - Wedge and Snake - specific to cavalry. Remember, if the Adjutant formation says "Snake formation - Cavalry" you cannot use it for infantry. This applies to archers and infantry, although cavalry covers horse archers and standard melee cavalry.


Storage is where you find all the equipment for your general, and where you also will find items and things such as supply crates that you get from quests. Any Decoration and Horses can also be equipped.


This is a fun one. You can only purchase what you've unlocked for your troops through the upgrade menu, so no buying the OP Lv. 8 sword when you have Lv. 3 troops. I hope this clears a lot of questions up as to why it says locked for most if not all when you start out. You can also get items and cosmetics from here.


This is where you view your legion, and if you haven't joined one, where you can view the list of legions and their rank. Don't worry, most players are friendly so do not fear joining an open one and making some friends! 


You can get free prestige, copper, vip cards and more just through the Event button. You can join in the “sign in” and “online time ” activities. Even if you don't want to play this fun game all you need to do is launch it and login under events. You can get more items just by playing a few games or leaving the game open in the background and collecting them later.

Game Tips

1.Get familiar with the game by running through the tutorial.

2.Click the loudspeaker on the lower right corner to check battle results and system info.

3.Click the "Upgrade" button on the top of the interface to check soldiers and weapon unlocks.

4.Click the gearwheel shaped button on the upper right to set game resolution and graphics quality.

5.Right click a unit card to view the soldier's details.

6.You cannot lead a unit to fight when they are already in battle or need replacement .

7.The custom game mode awards no battle gains, but troops can still be damaged.

8.When chatting, click the button at the bottom to switch between different channels.

9.You can purchase the necessary gold via two methods: 1. Upgrade merit level; 2. Recharge gold.

10.Gold can be used to purchase battle EXP and high yielding copper units, expand barracks and warehouse fields, and refresh daily task types.

12.Press "E" near a downed ally to rescue him and get Rescue Points.

13.Press "E" around a downed enemy to kill him and get Strike Points.

14.Some horses can charge twice within a short time.

15.Players can press F11 to close/open HUD in the battle.

16.Press CTRL & Print Screen to get a print screen.

17.Press F12 to open/close button interface.

18.Press ‘[ ]’ to switch advance mode automatically.

19.While waiting to respawn, press z to check detailed info of the last fight.

20.Hold CTRL to open mouse pointer to click

21.In the mini-map, green sign stands for yourself, blue is for your teammates, and red is for enemies.

22.Bound and changeable sets on soldier cards are valued equally. The one last used will be effective.

23.Make sure you understand your and your enemies strengths and weaknesses in battle, and team up with your friends so the enemy doesn’t overrun you.

24.In an effort to keep battles fair, the high level equipment will be degraded to match the battle's level.

25.If the level of your general’s equipment is consistent with your soldier's level, the equipment will provide optimal performance.