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Command Mode

03-25-2017 16:59

As the most popular mode in the games, Command Mode perfectly combines elements of third person action combat and real-time strategy.

Classic 6V6 combat gameplay

Command Mode is the standard game mode in Tiger Knight: Empire War, characterized by fast paced combat and tactical strategy. As a general, the player will lead their adjutant and troops to destroy the enemy, experiencing the combat of the ancient battlefield. The goal of players is to eliminate all of the enemy generals or kill the enemy marshal, thereby occupying the enemy strongholds and achieving victory. Whether you fight with friends or ride solo, you can experience many different kinds of fun.

The Influence of Terrain Design on Battlefield Strategy

Map design is tailored for each mode . The map design for Command Mode is very detailed, with sandy deserts, snowy plains and grassy hills all featuring. The development team also did an excellent job employing weather simulations and terrain design. Players can choose different tactics according to specific environments, commanding the soldiers to change formation and using skills at right time and place.

The effect of strongholds and morale

Command mode uses a troop morale and stronghold capture system to encourage players to fight and speed up the rhythm of combat. Three different types of strongholds can be found: supply points; medical points and recruitment points, and the team who occupies these points will gain the advantage in battle. Soldiers’ morale is especially important during combat, and affects the performance of the unit. Occupying strongholds and killing enemy generals will both have a direct impact on soldier morale.