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Duel Mode

03-25-2017 16:53

Duel Mode’s combat is perhaps the most exciting in tiger knight empire war, with player’s skill deciding who will emerge victorious.

Squad Deathmatch: Experience the pleasure of teamwork

Team match is a highly competitive PVP game type, with two sides facing off over several rounds, with the team exhibiting the best cooperation claiming the win. This mode also helps those hoping to develop a tacit understanding between team members to hone their skills and put them to the test.

Tag fight: To meet the challenges of many opponents

Tag fight is the battlefield where players can show off their personal ability. Playing solo, and meet the challenge of other players one by one, until they are finally defeated. A true warrior will bravely beat every single challenger.

Team Deathmatch: An unprecedented melee fight

Players and teammates on the same battlefield, engaging in a life and death struggle with the enemy. The combat in this mode is fast and intense, allowing players to enjoy the glory of bloody melee warfare.

Only the strongest survive

A future combat mode planned for the game, this is the most brutal fighting in the game. Similar to the famous movie: The Hunger Games, players fight alone, trying to survive in the bloody melee. A strong heart is needed, combined with brute force to eliminate enemies one by one and survive to get the final win.