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Epic War

03-25-2017 16:48

Epic War every episode has been carefully designed, with each element strictly in accordance with history.

Epic War: Taking you to back to historical battles

The epic war is a PVE mode with a background of real history, allowing players to take on a role in the real events, becoming an officer at that time and personally experiencing the ancient campaigns. At the moment tiger knight includes the siege of Hu Lao pass and Battle of Luo Yang, with famous battles of ancient Rome coming in the future. Thanks to the developers’ hard work, every position in the battlefield is designed to adhere to historical accuracy, and to show players a realistic scene of an ancient battlefield.

Hulao Pass: Battle with historical heroes

This battle is the first PVE mode map launched with the game. Famous generals like Sun Jian, Lv Bu and many other characters from The Three Kingdoms period are in the story. Playing as a general under the command of Sun Jian, players will make duel with Lv Bu’s generals and lay siege to the Hulao pass, defeating the enemy at the very end. In just 30 minutes, you can experience a variety of combat modes, and fully enjoy the epic combat experience.

Luoyang: Mission in the Palace Tunnel

Historically, after the break in the Hulao pass, Sun Jian lead the army to attack Luoyang. Keeping with these events, the developers released a new PVE map - Luoyang on Fire. In this battlefield, the players will be under the guidance of an NPC, following them into the Luoyang Palace. This is a risky journey through the palace tunnel, resulting in battles against soldiers from the northwest boring squaring off against Dongzhuo at the end. Tiger Knight:Empire War official will release more exciting Epic War maps in the future, coming soon!