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Time-limited battlefield

03-25-2017 16:42

Time/Limited Battlefield has been formally released, reigniting player’s passion for the 7v7 Conquest/Siege mode.  

Uphill fight between attackers and defenders under Siege


In Command Mode Siege battle players are divided into attackers and defenders. Attackers will need to eliminate the enemy marshal, while defenders will attempt to hold them off until the time limit. Both sides can use a variety of siege equipment or, for those with confidence in their ability, they can attack the enemy directly with their troops. This mode demands for teamwork and cooperation, and provides a fun addition to the Tiger Knight experience. 


The attackers: Steadily forward, maintaining the offensive


It is a very exciting moment for a general to lead an army to take control of an enemy stronghold. The battle begins outside the garrison area, and you need to break 3 gates with the battering ram within a set amount of time. Following this, your forces will weaken the defenders with catapults, while marching steadily forward with the ram, to finally win the battle.  

The defenders: Conserve strength, hold out to the end


During Siege mode, the defenders forces are weaker than those of the attackers. In order to win, saving strength will be a critical strategy. With troops on the walls and towers overlooking the battlefield, they can call on catapult and ballista, while also pouring boiling oil on the enemy. While more complex than other game modes, infinite fun can be had in Siege mode by combining the combat with tactics.