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03-26-2017 21:55


Snowy areas are not practical for battles. In the center, there were many buildings extending in all directions. From east to south there was a river which couldn't be forded.

Bowang Field

The Bowang drill grounds are a battleground built on stilts. Two sides can confront each other directly on the drill grounds. There are fields set up inside, and fences and other barriers provide basic protection. Personal combat skills determine the outcome.

Liangzhou Deserted Village

Liangzhou is located in the border of the Han empire. As a vital pass and hub of the Silk Road, Liangzhou received much attention. With long term immigration and settlement in Liangzhou, the once desolate area gradually became prosperous. However, as Han Dynasty declined, Liangzhou became engulfed in chaos and all the nobles dispatched separatist troops. They attacked each other leading to a bloody war and causing this once prosperous area to become completely deserted.


The arena is a place where Romans watch fights, and it's also an important public facility in Roman society. In order to meet the needs of the audience, pit is often broken into different scenes to simulate each part of the Roman Empire's expansion. Fighters on the stage perform death defying acts. They fight each other with weapons or fight in groups, using bloody battles to amuse the audience and earn glory for their lives.