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03-26-2017 21:51

Hulao Pass

In 190AD, the anti Dong Zhuo alliance was defeated. Only Sun Jian's army successfully entered Luoyang. Dong Zhuo ordered Lv Bu to station 30,000 troops at the Hulao Pass with the main forces in the back. Under the command of the Sun Jian, the anti Dong coalition launched a comprehensive attack on the Lv Bu army.


At the end of the Eastern Han, Dong Zhuo was violent and perverse ,and warlords everywhere rose up against him. The coalition of the Eighteen Princes entered Luoyang and fought with Dong Zhuo at the Hulao Pass. Although the Hulao Pass hadn't been breached, Dong Zhuo was fearful. He was convinced that Luoyang would fall so he took the emperor and officials and retreated to Chang’an. He set fire to Luoyang in an attempt to turn it into ashes. At the same time, the coalition vanguard Sun Jian breached the Hulao Pass and entered the flames of Luoyang.