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03-26-2017 21:57


In the twenty fourth year of the Jian'an era (219AD), Liu Bei's army, fighting fiercely on the Yangping Pass in Hanzhong, used a direct plan of crossing the Mianshui River and heading straight through Mount Dingjun. Cao commanded Xiahou Yuan to stay stationed on Mount Dingjun. The Shu army and Cao's army had a highland confrontation. After Zhang He's defeat, Xiahou Yuan had to support his troops. At this time, the Shu army clamored several times but didn't attack, putting Xiahou Yuan on alert. The army led by Huang Zhong suddenly attacked the south and quickly advanced, defeating Xiahou Yuan's army. Huang Zhong killed Xiahou Yuan at the foot of the mountain. Zhang He returned to Hanzhong due to a shortage of troops. The Shu army won the Battle of Mount Dingjun.


Xiapi was an important village in the Han Dynasty. It was a contested spot by the military since ancient times. In the third year of the Jian'an era, Cao Cao and Lv Bu fought there for months. This is known as the Battle of Xiapi. In the face of Lv Bu who was protecting the city, Cao's army dug trenches and held out for a siege but nothing happened for months. They then began to dig ditches and directed the Yishui and Sishui rivers into the city, capturing it. At that point, Lv Bu's forces were completely wiped out and Cao Cao took complete control of Xuzhou, fully able to deal with Yuan Shao.