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07-18-2017 17:00

In the Tiger Knight game, not only are the maps created strictly according to historical records, but also the 6 types of equipment represented in the game. Each type has its own characteristics designed to satisfy various gameplay styles.

Lamellar Armor—popular equipment from ancient China


Lamellar armor has a long history dating back as early as 400 BC to 1600 AD, and was widely used in ancient Chinese melee warfare. In Tiger Knight, it mainly shows up in Wei units, with its main body composed of long-striped armor pieces.

Scale Armor—well-made advanced equipment with high defensive capacity


Records of scale armor in ancient China date back to as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, as well as the Warring States Period, during which only the officials could possess such advanced equipment. As the scales are connected into one piece, the scale armor excels in defending the attack of sharp weapons such as arrows and spikes. Usually, more scales mean better defense, which also leads to a heavier weight.

Sleeve Armor—a simple design that fully protects critical areas


As we know, Tiger Knight:Empire War is a realistic game that effectively reproduces the design of each piece of featured equipment. The sleeve armor was the earliest example of armor during the Three Kingdoms Period. Improved by the Shu Prime Minister, ZhuGe Liang, the armor could provide sufficient protection to the armpits and upper arms.

Chain Armor—rated as the most excellent protection of melee wars


Chain armor is composed of a large number of small iron hoops. It’s light and flexible, thus it became known as the most excellent equipment in the history of melee warfare. In Tiger Knight, the chain armor is the best way to defend against any kind of attack in a large area.

Two-crotch Armor—the most common equipment of the Three Kingdoms Period


The most common armor in Three Kingdoms Period is two-crotch armor, made of hard metal and leather. The lower level two-crotch armor is mainly created from leather and the higher level by iron. The chest and back of the armor usually adopt small exquisite strips to increase its flexibility. 

Loricae—the most luxurious equipment


Loricae is the advanced version of two-crotch armor, and is named after the two plate-shape chest protectors. This type of armor is made of copper, iron and other metals. After being polished, the armor shines like a mirror under the sunlight.