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05-17-2017 17:25

Fashion design follows the historical records, which were widely referenced during the production of attire from both the East and West.

Jin Army Trousers

This is a classic style dress from ancient China, which became popular during the Wei and Jin Dynasties. This fashion is more oversized, with clothes almost reaching the knees, and combined with very large sleeves and pants. The style is relatively simple and very comfortable to wear, allowing for maximum mobility and flexibility on the battlefield.

The Fangxiang’s Danuo costumes


The Fangxiang’s Danuo is a god who can ward off evil spirits in ancient China, and plays a key role in the yearly event held in the royal palace to drive out any evil spirits. During this event, people who dressed up as this god will appear very ferocious, wearing bear skins, a black shirt and red dress, and armed with a shield. This unique design can also be found in Tiger Knight.

The Fangxiang’s Mask

Fang Xiang's Danuo dress can be complimented with its corresponding mask. The mask has four eyes and a very ugly appearance, with the ancient people taking for granted that wearing this can intimidate and expel all kinds of evil spirits. Wearing this mask in the game will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Roman Empire Armor 

This is the most luxurious fashion in the current, It was inspired by the Roman Empire and belonged to the senior generals, the armor was carefully crafted by the most ingenious craftsmen of the empire. Decorated with very fine detail, often only the emperor's most trusted general can wear this symbol of noble identity and glory.

Signifer’s Wolf Cloak

This is the only cloak in the game; design inspiration also coming from the Roman Empire. The wolf was an important symbolic animal in the minds of the Romans, so for every 100 people in the army, there will often be a veteran wearing a wolf skin to serve as signifier. Therefore, the meaning of this wolf cloak is extremely significant!

Xiqiang Bronze Goathead Mask

This fashion design source is from northwest China's ethnic groups; its greatest feature is made of bronze, taking the appearance of a vicious sheep, an animal worshipped by this particular ethnic group. In game, wearing this mask while participating in the battle, you may somehow feel safer!

Bloodthirsty Warrior Attire


This fashion is inspired by the ancient European Celts. They advocated force and preferred warfare, putting the life and death out of their mind. Seen as monsters by their enemies, they were a ferocious force on the battlefield. Historical records describe them often fighting without armor, so this fashion design recaptures that image.

Fishhead Mask

This mask comes from the ancient eastern swordsmen. They created a fishhead-shaped mask for swordsmanship, using the carp as part of their design. The mask takes on a more festive decoration, with auspicious meaning. This fashion officially joined the game in the festival, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to the players of the game.

Gilded Featherman

Since ancient times, birds play a special role in human culture. In most human civilizations, birds represent mystery, and it is because of the worship of birds that their feathers produced a special symbolic significance. This head crown shows the feathers of the birds perfectly, looks a bit like the Indian dress, and is highly recognizable.

Shu Refined Harness with bells

All-new horse accessory. This is a Wei-Jin style piece of horse equipment, decorated with many bells that not only dazzle the opponent but also strikes fear in their hearts.