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06-20-2017 18:20

As an online game with the theme of ancient warfare, focusing on melee weapon combat. The 6 weapon types represented in the game are spears, bows, swords, blades, hammers, and shields – with each offering a different combat experience to the players.

Spear - A weapon that runs through the history of war


The spear, known as the “king” of all weapons, is the most important weapon on the ancient battlefield, both on foot or on horseback. Similar to other medieval combat games, the spear in Tiger Knight:Empire War is a very powerful weapon. Skillful players who can wield a spear effectively will be feared on the battlefield.

Bow - The most typical weapon worldwide


The bow is a wonderful weapon, dealing a great deal of damage from long-range attacks, and providing a useful combat option to players. The use of the bow can be traced back to the Paleolithic age, and Ancient Chinese dynasties attached great importance to its use, In tiger knight, there are bows, longbows and crossbows, which can be used with both heavy and light arrows, allowing players to switch styles in order to meet the needs of the battlefield.

Sword - The weapon of the ancient hero


On the ancient battlefield, the sword had a good reputation among a hundreds of weapons. In modern Chinese martial arts novels, the hero always fights with a sword. Tiger Knight features both 1-handed and 2-handed swords. The 1-handed sword is not as good at dealing damage but offers rapid attacks. Meanwhile, 2-handed swords deal greater damage but at the cost of delayed swinging.

Blade - The most popular weapon in ancient China


In the game, the most popular blade is the ring pommel blade. Since the Chinese Han Dynasty it began to see large-scale usage in melee combat, with basic cut and stab actions. In-game, players often need to use cut to break through the formation of the enemy. And as for defense, players use thorn to hold the position.

Hammer - Both a weapon and an everyday tool


The use of hammers dates back to the Stone Age. In the high level battlefields of Tiger Knight, the enemies are mostly wearing iron armor, so players will usually take a heavy hammer as their first choice. The hammer is very heavy and hard to swing, so only the most skilled players can handle them. For example, in ladder ranking duel mode the top fighters are more likely to choose the hammer.

Shield - The defensive weapon of melee warfare


As the defensive weapon, shields were a symbolic item in melee warfare. Whether it is the classical period of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, China and so on - shields were widely used in combat. In the game, players can block with their shields and cover themselves to avoid an attack, greatly enhancing their defensive capabilities. In this way, shields are one of the most special and essential weapons available on the battlefield.