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03-22-2017 06:38

The Roman Empire originated from an ancient town on the Apennine peninsula.

From the 5th century B.C. the Romans conquered the other peoples of the Apennine peninsula and rose to become an empire in the western Mediterranean.As the Romans became stronger,their appetite grew.Their aspiration to take control over the fertile island of Sicily brought them into conflict with another great power, Carthage.In the three Punic Wars, Rome thoroughly defeated Carthage and reached unprecedented prosperity.

During the first century B.C. a fierce civil war broke out within the Republic,When the dust of battle had settled, a new political force, Caesar, had come to prominence.To increase his power, Caesar started a vicious conquest of the fertile Gaul and greatly expanded Rome's territory.

As Caesar's successor, and one of the 5 good emperors.Trajan was one of the most celebrated rulers.He personally led his armies as they conquered Dacia pushing the boundaries of the Empire to its largest extent.

Roman infantry - Well-equipped with unique formations


Detailed information on Roman Legions is readily available, so the developers had a wealth of knowledge available to them. The current version of the game is the result of many hours of research and study. The Roman infantry present in the game wield shields and javelins, and have a number of formation skills that can be utilized in battle. On the battlefield, they have excellent ranged and melee defense, and when engaging with the enemy in combat, their powerful attack and maneuverability can get them out of trouble.

We will unlock more Roman Troops in the future version.