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In the last years of the Easten Han Dynasty,the royal declined and the people suffered a lot from the continuous war.After witnessed the Yellow Turbans Uprising and the dictatorship of Dong Zhuo warlords from various regions rose up and tried to overthrow Dong Zhuo's rule.

Liu Bei,one of the offspringof the imperial clan joined the wars.Although his family had come down in the world ,he kept great ambition.At that time,he commanded followers to rebelled and fight for the supremacy.In the beginning,his force was quite weak.After beling defeated by Lv Bu,he retreated in Qingzhou and Xuzhou,the failure in the battle with Cao Cao forced him to retreated to Jingxiang area.His perseverance and lenience helped him convened a large number of followers.

Therefore,he can preserve his military force after a series of failures in the battle of Red Cliff.Liu Bei allied with Sun Quan and defeated Cao Cao to get a firm foothold.Thereafter he annexed Yizhou,captured Liu Zhang's force and established the Shu State which was known as "Shu Han".

Shu Short-range infantry ----Shu’s primary force in warefare


The founder of Shu, Liu Bei, battled in many places throughout China, and the Short-range infantry of Shu became a major pillar of the empire. This army had absorbed the styles of troops from many parts of China, such as Xuzhou, JIngzhou, Nanzhong, and Bashu. The result was an army boasting excellent capabilities in defense and middle-range offense. The short-range infantry of Shu can create a small amount of casualties from distance before the battle begins properly. During close range combat, they are also extremely aggressive with their shields in hand.

Shu Cross-bow cavalry ----A force capable in both long range archery and short range combat


Cross-bows were regular weapons of the Shu army. As a particular branch of the Cross-bow corps, the cross-bow cavalry is extremely capable in mobility as its soldiers ride on horses. In wars against foreign forces, this cavalry unit is mainly responsible for ambushing enemies at close range with their formidable shooting abilities and fair short range battle abilities. From longer distances, this force used their crossbow while in short range battle they wielded a sword.   

Shu Heavy crossbowmen ---a dreadful threat on the battlefield


During the Three Kingdoms period, the Prime Minister of Shu, Zhu Ge Liang, put great emphasis on developing the crossbow force for the Shu army. He led Shu ministers to develop all sorts of crossbows to fulfill battlefield requirements. The heavy crossbowmen not only had excellent defensive abilities but also possessed outstanding long-range shooting accuracy. On the mountainous tracks of the Shu kingdom, the crossbowmen had a great advantage over their enemy.