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In the last years of the Easten Han Dynasty,the royal declined and the people greatly suffered a lot from the continuous war.Along with the drought in the seventh year of Guanghe Period,Yellow Turbans rose in rebellion.Although the main force of Yellow Turbans was repressed immediately,the rebellion also became a heavy blow to the royals.

In the sixty year of the Zhongping period,Dong Zhuo captured the capital city,after the failure the royal's relative and euunch.Before long,the warlords rose up to overthrow Dong zhuo,because of his barbarity.And the warlord wars began with Cao Cao's rebellion in Chenliu County.

Although failed to overthrow Dong Zhuo,Cao Cao defeated many Detachments of Yellow Turbans,and recruited a large number of capotulant to enhance strength.After defeated Tao Qian,Lv Bu and Yuan Shao,Cao Cao established the Wei State in the northern China,which was known as "Cao Wei".

Wei’s heavy infantry - the traditional main force of the Central Plains


During the unifying war, soldiers clad in heavy armor and wielding long pikes faced down cavalry forces on the front lines of battle. With their outstanding defensive capabilities and Pike Wall techniques, they caused fatal damage to their enemies. On the battlefield, they often appear on the flanks, providing effective protection and dealing considerable damage when the battle is on a knife edge!

Wei’s Horse Archers – perfect light-horseman and scouts


Following battles with the northern nomadic tribe, the Han Empire established a large light cavalry unit. Later, with the outbreak of the Three Kingdoms war, this army became the main force used to harass the enemy and destroy supply lines. On the battlefield, their armor was not strong, but their fast horses and excellent flexibility struck fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Wei's heavy cavalry, Tiger Knight–the most elite troops of the Three Kingdoms era


The name of the game, Tiger Knight, is taken from these famous elite troops. They were special forces, few in number but comprised of the most elite soldiers. On the battlefield, Wei’s heavy cavalry charged like tigers, ferocious and brave, with unmatched assault and combat capabilities. Compared to the light-horseman, their defensive ability was relatively strong, and at the critical moments of battle Tiger Knights always played a role in breaking the deadlock.