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The people suffered a lot from the continuous war,After witnessed the Yellow Turbans Uprising and the dictatorship of Dong Zhuo warlords from various regions rose up and tried to overthrow Dong Zhuo's rule.

Sun Jian,the governor of changsha,joined the wars.He commanded troop to fight with Dong Zhuo,He defeated Hu Zhen in Luyang lost and lost the battle with Xu Rong.After the failure,Sun Jian stationed his army in yangren and defeated Hu Zhen in Yangren.There fore he beat Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu,conquered Luoyang forced Dong Zhuo to retreate to Chang'an and won the most glorious result among warlords.However,conflict between warlords became increasingly worsening and Sun Jian in the internal strife.

Several year later,Sun Ce ,his eldest son,commanded troop to conquered Jiangdong area.Sun Quan,the brother of sun ce defeated Cao Cao ,Liu Bei,and established teh Wu State which was known as"Sun Wu".

Wu infantry bowmen----The elite troops that Wu relied on during the Three Kingdoms era


The bow is a common weapon in the era of melee combat. The bow is the principal weapon of the Wu Kingdom, with each Wu infantry bowman being well trained and highly skilled. They had excellent ultra-long-range battle capabilities and could re-load quickly. As long as you can find an appropriate spot for commencing battle, these bowmen can make short work of the enemy. 

Wu short-weapon infantry----Wu’s principal force on water


Wu was located in China’s Jiangdong area and took advantage of the ChangJiang river to train a powerful navy. In marine warfare, the short-range infantry was without doubt the principal force. It had formidable offensive abilities and, combined with high mobility, could remain viable in short-range combat. In the Game of Empires, it can cause great casualties by rushing into the enemy formation and taking them by surprise.

Wu long-weapon infantry----the resistance against long-range attack


Used to resist enemy attacks, the long-weapon infantry is mainly responsible for defense. With a shield in one hand and a spear in another, these soldiers are extremely effective in defense against cavalry. They march at the front of the army to protect from missiles and possessed high mobility. They can also shift to an offensive force during short-range battles.